June 21, 2024

channel 4 Namal Rajapaksa Easter Attacks Sri Lanka

In recent developments, Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) MP Namal Rajapaksa has vehemently criticized UK’s Channel 4 for producing a documentary on the Easter Sunday attack, labeling it as a personal vendetta against his family. Rajapaksa’s fiery speech in Parliament shed light on the alleged bias and motivations behind the documentary while defending his family’s commitment to principled politics. This article delves into Namal Rajapaksa’s perspective on the Channel 4 documentary and his call to avoid politicizing the tragic event.

The Rajapaksas’ Commitment to Principled Politics

Namal Rajapaksa began his address by emphasizing the Rajapaksa family’s unwavering commitment to principled politics. He asserted that the SLPP’s resounding electoral victory, securing over 70% of the vote before the Easter Sunday incident, showcased their dedication to their political principles. He stressed that there was no need for the Rajapaksas to deviate from their policies to win an election, dispelling allegations of opportunistic politics.

Channel 4: A Film-Making Agency, Not a Media Organization

Rajapaksa went on to accuse Channel 4 of being more of a film-making agency than a legitimate media organization. According to him, Channel 4 has harbored animosity towards his family ever since the conclusion of the Sri Lankan civil war in 2009. He asserted that the documentary was yet another attempt by Channel 4 to exact revenge on the Rajapaksas for their role in ending the conflict.

The MP pointed out that the documentary, which initially appeared on the Channel 4 website, had been removed, raising questions about its credibility. He questioned why the documentary was taken down if it had been created with genuine intentions and factual accuracy in mind.

Addressing Accusations Surrounding the Easter Sunday Attack

Rajapaksa also addressed the accusations surrounding the Easter Sunday attack. He highlighted the fact that during the period preceding the attack, his family was not in power and was frequently occupied with responding to summons from the Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID), some even ending up behind bars. He questioned how they could have possibly influenced a State intelligence chief and orchestrated such an attack during that time.

The MP also pointed out that several of the attackers had previously supported other political parties at different junctures. This fact, according to him, made it implausible that they would willingly sacrifice their lives to bring a Rajapaksa into power.

A Call for an Investigation Without Politicization

While calling for a thorough investigation into the Easter Sunday attack, Namal Rajapaksa stressed the importance of not politicizing the incident. He warned that politicization would hinder the discovery of the true mastermind behind the attack. In his view, an objective, non-partisan investigation is crucial to uncovering the facts and ensuring justice.


Namal Rajapaksa’s impassioned speech in Parliament sheds light on his family’s commitment to principled politics and their belief in a fair and unbiased investigation into the Easter Sunday attack. His criticism of Channel 4’s documentary reflects a deep-seated belief that his family is being unfairly targeted. As the nation awaits further developments, it remains to be seen whether the investigation into the attack can proceed without being mired in political controversy.